name: Jan Robbe
d.o.b.: June 14th 1980
location: Kortrijk/De Pinte, Belgium
tools: PIV 2400MHz (1GB), Alesis M1 Active MK2 monitors, Fruityloops, various vsti/dx

musical projects/cooperations:

Electronic soundconstructions, mostly rhythmic, much like the earlier UndaCova project.

Earliest pseudonym under which i originally started doing electronic music (1999) in Fasttracker. Times changed and so did platforms, so since 2001 i taught myself how to work in Fruityloops. Most productions are beat-oriented, going from lighter idm (Vrschnsls, Brainwave Synchronizers) to more distorted experimental industrial/breakcore (S-T-U-C-K, Metamood Katalyst, Induction). UndaCova has been my main solo project since 1999.

In a personal quest to unify sound with thoughts and imaginary visual landscapes, Erratic was born (2003). The music will be more abstract and psycho-/electro-acoustically oriented.

Duncan Avoid
Duncan Avoid is a now defunct collaboration between Kaebin Yield (Nico De Gols) and me. We joined forces somewhere in 2002 to form a new project that was meant to defy musical genre as well as technical limitations. Abstractions, rhythmic noise experiments... anything's possible. Also don't forget to check out the Duncan Avoid releases here.

xE Phalanx
xE Phalanx is a variable group of electronic musicians that cooperate to co-create in whatever fashion suitable. Artists that have worked with xE Phalanx to this day: Kaebin Yield, Tirriddiliu, ps, Danny Kreutzfeldt, Xanopticon, Subskan, element.act, Ellende, vteb, and many more...
Check out what we've done on the xE Phalanx site.