NTT049 - PlanetZoo - 2 Humans In A Cage With Their Everything Box
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a - PLaNeTZoo - Intro
b - PLaNeTZoo - Enola
c - PLaNeTZoo - In A Wave
d - PLaNeTZoo - A Wave Out
e - PLaNeTZoo - Kinkble Kumbo
f - PLaNeTZoo - KankAutro
g - PLaNeTZoo - DisTortEd
h - PLaNeTZoo - A nEw sTart
i - PLaNeTZoo - An oLd eNd
j - PLaNeTZoo - TV mInd rOt
k - PLaNeTZoo - END

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Samuel Glaser (Zoogoo), who's based in Florida, and Anthony Colas (Planet Aldol) from France have been putting their energy in an intense journey through organic spectra, while still encompassing a wide range of emotions.
Tapping into the subconscious by exposing the listener to a constantly morphing world of living organisms is something PlanetZoo has gotten especially good at. The sparse instrumental passages contribute greatly to this album in a sense that they put a more emotional image to the stage.
Overall this is a work that will reward repeated listening, as its complex and at times recursive structure becomes more clear over time.
Enclosed is Samuel Glaser's journal which should give you a closer look into his world.

Planet Aldol