NTT048 - Otets Dekan - Endlessly Regurgitating Pattern
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01 - Otets Dekan - Bhotani Jib
02 - Otets Dekan - Relay Relapse
03 - Otets Dekan - Description
04 - Otets Dekan - Emergence
05 - Otets Dekan - Dead Compartments
06 - Otets Dekan - Lethargic Consumption
07 - Otets Dekan - Congest Hollow Wax
08 - Otets Dekan - Rape Sequence
09 - Otets Dekan - Fervent Gorge

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The anachronic thought-wilderness that descends from Jonathan Dean's imagination has taken on a polymorphic form of its own and was found disguising itself in what had to become the newest Entity release.
Let Otets Dekan's techno-organic automata clutch you with their slimey amorphous tentacles, drag you into their vomiting pits of acid and perform their insectile indoctrination ritual. I assure you that you won't regret it ;)

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