NTT033 - Binray - Cederoth Bloodstopper
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01 Amino Domino
02 Tuberthalium
03 Reinvertebrate
04 Mondieuilpleut
05 Trench
06 Wraith
07 Namebrand Gun

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Most welcome to the NTT catalogue is Bristol/UK's Binray, who delivers an intense melting pot of high standard electronic constructions. The tracks in "Cederoth Bloodstopper" blur the lines between sonic Lorenz attractors and freestyle alien beatings. Its sound flows so naturally that it could only have come from Binray's self-invented sequencing methods, which appearantly offer an incredible degree of control. Not staking out in the chaotic beatfuckery area, some of the other, less beat oriented tracks (Reinvertebrate/Mondieuilpleut) suggest that we've only scratched the surface of this artist's awesome potential. Keep an eye out on this one!!

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