NTT024 - Cisfinitum - Landschaft
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01 Inland
02 Landschaft I
03 Landschaft II
04 District Delta

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Russian composers E. Voronovsky (music, synths, tapes, drones) and A. Tzarev (sound construction and digital editing) are responsible for our 24th release, which has been previously released as CDR on the Insofar Vapour Bulk catalog in 2000. Regardless we are very proud to make this material available to you, as its content is utterly timeless.
Landschaft is an epic work of deeply emotional/dramatic drones, carrying with them the Cisfinitum trademark which successfully combines electro-acoustic sources with a wide arsenal of Soviet analog effect processors. Eugeny Voronovski is also a professional violin player, which has undoubtedly contributed to the fact that "Landschaft" is nothing short of mindbending.
Expect more Cisfinitum in the future, but if you can't wait, you could always check out their other (highly recommended) releases on Waystyx and Drone Records.