NTT021 - Sedarka - Shibashi Todomen
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01 I
02 II
03 III
04 IV
05 V
06 VI
07 V (Atomhead rmx)
08 V (SATKA rmx)

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Next up is Sedarka, soundconstructor extraordinaire from our very own Belgian soil. Having appeared on labels such as Divine Comedy and Mirex, at least some of you must have heard this phenomenon in action before.
If not, you're in for a nice surprise. The music of Sedarka is as unpredictable as it gets, tumbling from one cataclysmic collision into the next. Unidentified soundscapes support the countless arrhythmical bleeps and squeeks that sound like malfunctioning processing devices from the future. Add to that the abrupt transitioning between alien moods and some very unorthodox beatprogramming, and you've got yourself a real delicacy of in your face synthetic experimentalism.
More Belgian soundcompilers - by the names of SATKA and Atomhead - add some extra turbulence through their remixes, which attempt to find a balance between intense abstract and beatdriven composition.