* This site has been like this for 3 years now... or has it?

* Duncan Avoid - Metaphysics is out @ Hive Records!! Get it if you know what's good for you. You'll also find some of our work on the limited edition of their new "FUCK" compilation.

* Duncan Avoid - Metaphysics planned for release 30/07 at Hive Records, together with their "FUCK" compilation. Preorders possible starting next week!

* Read a Duncan Avoid - Cybernetics review at Signal Zero.

* "Duncan Avoid - Metaphysics" announced at Hive Records, one of our favourite labels! Expected release: Summer 2k4. Check samples on the right :)
* A new site-design for Duncan Avoid!

* Duncan Avoid will perform on the following dates:
Aural Addiction Launch parties:
- 19th February: part1 Edingburgh,UK
- 21th February: part2 London, UK
info at Aural Addiction

* Polymorphik Festival:
-12th March, Caves de Cornillon, Liège
with Noize creator, I:Gor, Dither, Subskan, Kirdec, E25 corporate, Alf feat bad feng shui and Etschaberry. More info at Timeless Network.

* Read a Duncan Avoid - Cybernetics review at Hypothemic!